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Friends! Our amazing Kitui community and family needs your help. The village and surrounding areas are in a severe drought which is affecting them in a pretty big way. No rain means no crops - meaning no food. It breaks our hearts to hear this - BUT we are hopeful because there is something we can do to help. Right now. We're doing an emergency food campaign right now to raise money to help get food to the families as soon as possible. A little bit of money goes such a long way - so any but you can give would be crucial. To give you an idea, did you know that for just 5 dollars, we could provide enough rice, maize, cooking oil, and flour for one of our families to last a whole month?! And 2 dollars can get you 2 chickens! Seriously, any little bit will help these folks who are really struggling right now. If you want to donate towards helping out the families, you can go to our DONATE page and click the Donation button for a one time gift. Please share with any of your networks so that we can get the word out. Any questions at all, please let me know! Let’s see how much love we can show them in their time of need. THANK YOU!

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