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Love for Kitui is asking people to donate $12 for 12 months, $24 for 12 months, or $36 for 12 months to help these amazing kids. It costs $36 a month to completely support one child. This includes their food, school fees, uniform fees, transportation costs, medical needs, and every day upkeep.


By committing to at least $12 a month for 12 months, you are committing to providing the basic needs of one of our orphans. 100% of your donation goes to the kids. Our goal is to support these kids, the guardians and the community of Kitui.


*Once you have clicked on the above Donate button, to pay with a PayPal account follow the steps. To pay without a PayPal account click on Continue under the Don't have a PayPal text on the checkout page. During the checkout, click on the Add Special Instructions to the Recipient and let us know which Project you are giving to​.

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