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Our on-going and #1 project, taking care of our orphans!


Love for Kitui currently cares for 53 children who have lost one or both parents. These orphans are supported by other relatives or members of the community, Guardians, who have lovingly accepted them into their homes to raise alongside their families. We aim to help by covering all the children’s school fees, provide funding for food, shelter and any other medical needs so as to enable the community’s youth to flourish both mentally and physically.

To read more, please visit our Orphan Project page! 

To see our kids, visit Our Families page!



One of the biggest difficulties most of our families face is having a safe and solid home. Every single home in our program is in need of repairs whether it be a new roof, a floor, a bathroom, and sometimes simply a door or window pane. 

The Housing Project is two-fold. Not only do we seek to provide the necessary items and repairs that each family needs. We are also teaching some of our older kids a trade that they can learn to help them find work in the future. 

To read more, visit our Housing Project page!



Christmas in Kitui is one of our favorite times of year!

Each year, a team member visits Kitui and helps to host our annual Christmas party. There are gifts, good food and great fellowship. 

You can get involved by purchasing a gift for our kids or their familes. Writing them a special note to let them know you are thinking of them is a great way to show our families that people all over the world care for them.

To read more about this awesome annual event, visit our Christmas in Kitui page!


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