Hi everyone, we hope you are doing well.

Jemimah’s passing leaves a huge hole in our LFK heart for obvious reasons, but also for practical reasons. She was a retired teacher so she had more time to devote to taking care of a good portion of the duties for LFK.  We are working closely with our board members to figure out the best way to shift the duties and cover our needs - though it is a process.  Knowing this, we’re focusing our holiday giving around supporting our board members - Benson, Michael, Ann, Evelyn and Rodgers.  They are the heart and soul of LFK and are responsible for all of the aspects of running LFK - from communications with families/schools, hosting the gatherings, doing home checkups, and doing all the paperwork/note taking/administrative needs that are needed on-site.  When we started LFK, it was really to support the work that they have been doing for years, even before we first visited.


They are truly our family and we want to help them in any way we can. 


We’re going to pose a goal of $3,000 that we are hoping to meet by the end of the year.  Any money that we raise, 100% of it will be divided evenly amongst the board members to help support them and enable them to keep providing the support that we need to help the kids.  We appreciate anything that you are able to give.


We thank you in advance for the love, support and prayer that you all have given us over the last (almost) 10 years.  Love for Kitui could not exist without this true team effort.  We are feeling blessed and honored to be the vessel in which to help this wonderful humans.  Thank you, truly from the bottom of our hearts.

Carrie & Jill