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To give back to an amazing community in Kenya

The purpose of Love for Kitui is to partner with a community that is already doing everything it can to support their own.

The goal of Love for Kitui is to support the orphans, by providing them with education, clothing, food, medical help, and housing.

Love for Kitui is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization established in the USA.

Situated four hours outside of Nairobi, Kitui is a beautiful rural community of people. These are people that live off the land. Most grow their own food and do not have electricity. Although faced with many hardships, the people in Kitui are some of the best we have ever met. They are hopeful, loving, and giving. Even though they do not have much, they give what they have to ensure the safety and health of the kids in their community and each other. Each time we have visited we have been overwhelmed with love and hospitality, we have been challenged by their faith and hope, and we have been encouraged to help those who are needy all around us. They have inspired us to do everything we can to help.

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