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It’s a little bit delayed - and we’re sorry for that, but here’s a little bit of a recap from our last few months. CHRISTMAS IN KITUI It was a whirlwind of a trip, flying in and out in less than a week, which after travel days, didn’t equate to much time on the ground in Kitui. No matter though, because our Christmas party was a great success, thanks to all of your support. The kids and guardians had such a great time. We had great weather and we had lots of time to catch up and play and see how everyone was doing. The kids are growing up so fast - some of them are taller than me already, which is crazy. Right down to the last day before I left, we were still donating gifts to the children and guardians. We were able to give each child a few gifts and each family an awesome new solar panel kit. And let me tell you about this kit. Here’s a photo of it:

This kit gathers sunlight on a solar panel about the size of a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. This light can power one of three light bulbs that are on long cords that can be stretched out within someone’s home - which is huge because almost all of our guardians’ homes are without any kind of power. When I tell you they were stoked about receiving these, that is an understatement. They were yelling out with pure joy. The best part? There’s a dongle/power cable that allows them to charge their cell phones with the kit. They used to have to walk miles into town to charge their cell phones if they needed it. I can’t wait to hear how this changes their everyday life. And we were able to give them this year because of Y’ALL. So thank you again. EASTERN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Quick shoutout to Eastern Christian School for inviting me to come speak to their students about my Kenya travels and about how Love for Kitui got started. Despite the fact that I was a little nervous, the students were very respectful, laughed at all my jokes, and seemed to be really interested in hearing about what we’re doing. I even had a few kids come up to me after saying they want to come to Kenya with us on a future trip - which is so cool. SUMMER TRIPS Speaking of trips, we are in the process of planning a trip for this summer (hopefully). Stay tuned, as we’ll be updating this blog more often and will post info on how you can sign up if you’re interested in going! DONATION SUMMARIES For anyone who donated to LFK in 2016, we’ll be sending out donation summaries this week so that you can use it for when you do your taxes. Please reach out to us if you haven’t received it by next week! Thanks, family! Talk soon. -Carrie

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