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Can you believe that there are only 54 days until Christmas? This time of year always seems to fly by - Halloween just ended, Thanksgiving is coming soon, and then before you know it, we'll be hosting our 4th annual Christmas in Kitui!

As you may or may not know, we've been so blessed to have the support from our awesome LFK friends and family (like you!), and because of that generous outpouring of - well, love for Kitui - we've been able to treat our Kitui family to a wonderful Christmas party and gifts for all the kids and guardians.

Each year, we host all of the kids and their guardians at Michael and Jemimah's house, where we have a big meal, dessert, soda, and some candy treats. Everyone receives their cards and gifts at this party, and there is a lot of laughing, singing, and dancing.

This year is no different! We're launching our Christmas campaign today, and you can head on over to our Christmas page HERE to see how you can be a part of it! There are three ways you can give this year!

1. Gifts for our kids! Each child will receive two gifts. You can send along a personal note and they will receive it with their gift.

2. Gifts for our guardians! Last year, each guardian/family received a GOAT! Yes, a goat. They were over the moon for them. This year we have something special up our sleeves that will be a great aid for each of the families.

3. Donation towards the Christmas party! You can give to the party, which goes towards the delicious Christmas meal. It will help to pay for the food, drink, and treats for the day, making the celebration all the more special.

We're going to feature one child each day leading up to Christmas (we have 54 kids and there are 54 days til Christmas - it's perfect!). Make sure you're following us on social media to see the updates!

Our LFK instagram, facebook, and twitter!

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