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Age: 20
School: Matinyani Secondary School
Favorite Subject: Christian Religion Studies
Favorite Activity: Football
Favorite Team: Chelsea
Favorite Player: Ronaldo
Favorite Food: Chapati
Aspirations: Lawyer
Height: 5'3
Weight: 136 lbs
FG 7 Martha 1.jpg

Mwangangi Mwende


Mwangangi and his sister Martha joined LFK in the very beginning, 2006. As our Director, Jemimah, was walking through the neighborhood she met Susan and soon came to learn of their situation. Susan and kids were the 2nd family to join our program.

Mwangangi and Martha's mother is still alive but she is mentally ill and lives in another county. They have never met their Father.  Susan has raised the kids alone and struggles herself with kidney failure. The family has no income of their own, but grow their own food and live off of LFK's support.

The home is one structure with one bed that Martha and Susan share. They have no bathroom and are in great need for many repairs to their home such as window panes and a door.

Despite the difficult situation, Mwangangi and Martha thrive intellectually and socially. Martha is one of our most outgoing and friendly kids. Last year, Mwangangi received a scholarship from the Equity Bank in Kenya. He studies in a boarding school with his fees completely covered. He is an A student.

Martha Mwende

Age: 14
School: Katheka Primary
Favorite Subject: English
Favorite Activity: Soccer and jumproping
Favorite Food: Chapati
Aspirations: Doctor
Height: 4'6
Weight: 55 lbs

Guardian Susan, age 74


Income: Farming
Food Sources: Maize, Beans, Cowpeas
Animals: 2 Goats, 3 Chickens
Distance from School: 600m
Distance from Water: 4km
Distance from Jemimah's: 6km
Electricity: None
Light Source: Kerosene Lamp
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