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FG 15 Katunge




Katunge joined our LFK family in 2014. We heard about her family through her school.

Katunge is 17 years old. Her mom is still alive but very sick after having a mild stroke. She is hospitalized in Nairobi. Katunge's mother was never married and she does not know her father. Katunge has four older brothers. 2 are married and living in Kitui town and 2 stay with Katunge. After her mother became sick, Katunge went to live with her Grandmother in Kitui, also named Katunge. Unfortunately, her grandmother passed away about 2 years ago, leaving Katunge and 2 of her brothers alone. Her brothers are both in Secondary school and do well to take care of the home as much as possible.

In their household, there are 3 only. Because of the quick passing of her grandmother, Katunge nows stays at home part of the time and with Jemimah and Michael part of the time. After school, she goes home to tend to the crops and animals and in the evenings she sleeps at Michael and Jemimah's house. 

The household is made up of two structures, 1 storage room and three bedrooms. All 3 kids sleep on mattresses on the ground. Their biggest need is bed frames and an outdoor washing area.

FG 15 Katunge 1.jpg
Age: 17
School: Kasue Secondary
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Activity: Table Tennis
Favorite Food: Githeri
Aspirations: Doctor
Height: 5'2
Weight: 99 lbs

Katunge Kalimi


Income: None
Food Sources: Maize, Beans
Animals: 6 Goats, Chickens
Distance from School: 3km
Distance from Water: 5km
Distance from Jemimah's: 2km
Electricity: No
Light Source: Kerosene Lamp
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