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FG 10 Rose Guardian.jpg
FG 10 Mawia Ndanu.jpg
Age: 22
School: Makueni Medical Training Centre
Class: 3rd year
Degree: Nursing
Favorite Activity: Field Hockey and Reading
Favorite Food: Githeri
Aspiration: Doctor
Height: 5'2
Weight: 106 lbs

Guardian Rose, age 75

FG 10 Rose Mutisya.jpg


Rose and her crew of kids joined LFK in the beginning, 2006. Jemimah met this family through members of the community recommending them.

Rose's Son was Father to Rose, Musunza and Mwania. He passed away from Tuberculosis in 2001 and their mother passed in 2002 from the same disease. Rose immediately took the kids in. Rose's Daughter was mother to Mawia, Ngutho, Musyoka and Kalimi. She became sick in 2009, eventually passing away from Malaria. The Father left after this, leaving the kids with Rose. 

Rose is an amazing Guardian to these 7 kids. Not only does she love and care for each one, she runs a local store in her community to provide some income for her family. She is also the President of our Guardian's, often rallying them to also love and serve our orphans. Everytime we visit her home she gives gifts of fruit and eggs.

This family of 8 lives in a homestead consisting of 3 structures and about 6 rooms; 1 sitting room and 5 bedrooms. There biggest needs lie not in the house but in their need for food for the kids and also new matresses and blankets. The 3 oldest kids graduated this year and it's Rose's dream to see them go to college.

Age: 23
School: Shilida Teachers college – Nairobi
Class: Last Year
Degree: Early Childhood Development
Favorite Activity: Football and Volleyball
Favorite Food: Chapati
Aspirations: Teacher


Income: Farming and Store Owner
Food Sources: Maize, Beans, Cowpeas
Animals: 2 Cows, 5 Goats, 1 Donkey, Chickens
Distance to School: 2km
Distance to Water: On-site
Distance to Jemimah's: 2km
Electricity: Solar
Light Source: Luminaid

Mawia Ndanu

Rose Mutisya

Age: 22
School: PolyTechinical School for Tractor Mechanics
Favorite Activity: Football
Favorite Team: Manchester United
Favorite Food: Rice
Aspirations: Construction

Ngutho Ndanu

Ngutho Ndanu

Age: 21
Favorite Subject: Geography & Science
Favorite Activity: Football
Favorite Team: Arsenal
Favorite Player: Cazorla
Favorite Food: Chapati
Aspirations: DJ or Singer

Musunza Mutisya

FG 10 Mwania 1.jpg

Mwania Mutisya

Age: 20     
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite Activity: Football     Favorite Food: Chapati
Aspirations: Agricultural Engineer
Height: 5'9  Weight: 119 lbs

Musyoka Ndanu

FG 10 Musyoka 1.jpg

Age: 17   School: Kasue Secondary  
Favorite Subject: Swahili & Science
Favorite Activity: Football
Favorite Team/Player: Manchester City, Sergio Aguero
Favorite Food: Rice   Aspirations: Police Officer
Height: 4'10  Weight: 77 lbs

Kalimi Ndanu

FG 10 Kalimi.jpg

Age: 15
School: Kasue Primary
Favorite Subject: English & Math
Favorite Activity: Hide and Seek
Favorite Food: Rice
Aspirations: Doctor
Height: 4'4  Weight: 61 lbs
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