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Wambua joined our LFK family in 2014. We first heard about him through Katheka Primary School where he attends.

Wambua is 14 years old and has 4 other siblings. Both of his parents are alive, but he is taken care of by his Grandmother, Paninah. His mother is mentally ill and they have not seen her in 2 years and his Father was struck by a vehicle, breaking his leg, and leaving him unable to work. Paninah is older and often tired. This family really struggles to have daily water and food. 

All 8 people live in 1 structure divided by a small brick wall. Their home is in a dire condition. They have no flooring, no windows, no mattresses or blankets, and no bathroom. This family is in desperate need of our Housing Project.

Miraculously, Wambua is one of our brightest kids! He is constantly smiling, does well in school, and helps out as much as he can with his family. At 11 years old, he is the oldest boy and takes on a lot of the household responsibilities.

FG 9 Wambua.jpg
Age: 14
School: Katheka Primary
Favorite Subject: Science and Math
Favorite Activity: Soccer
Favorite Team: Manchester United
Favorite Food: Chapati
Aspirations: Pilot
Height: 4'11
Weight: 85 lbs

Wambua Muthangya

Guardian Paninah, age 89


Income: None
Food Sources: Maize, Beans, Papaya
Animals: 3 Goats, Chickens
Distance from School: 1km
Distance from Water: 2km
Distance from Jemimah's: 10km
Electricity: No
Light Source: Flashlight
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