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Agnes, Musee, and Katulu joined our LFK family in 2014. We first heard about their unique situation through their older sister Faith's school teacher. Faith is now living in a different county with her Grandma, and the boys and Agnes continue with LFK.

Agnes is 15, Musee is 12, and their little brother Katulu is 10. He is the youngest in our program. Their mother passed away in 2014 from sickness and the kids now stay with their Father, Musyoka. Their situation is unique because Musyoka is often away trying to find work to provide for his family. Because of this, the kids are left alone. We have coordinated with a neighbor, Florence, one of our other Guardians (Family Group 34), to help take care of these kids when their Father is away.

All 4 family members live in 1 small structure with 1 room. The house is not in a good condition. In April, an LFK team cleaned the home, bought supplies such as food, water, cooking oils, toiletries, clothing, bed frame, mattress and blankets. The team also built a bathroom area for the family. 

This family needs a new home built for them and are at the top of the list in our Housing Project.

FG 5 Agnes.jpg
Age: 15
School: Mwangya Primary
Favorite Subject: English
Favorite Activity:Handball
Favorite Food: Chapati
Aspiration: Doctor

Agnes Musyoka


Income: Casual Labors
Food Sources: Maize
Animals: None
Distance to School: 50m
Distance to Water: 500 meters
Distance to Jemimah's:10km
Electricity: None
Light Source: Lantern
FG 5 Musee.jpg

Musee Musyoka

Age: 10
School: Mwangya Primary
Favorite Activity: Football
Favorite Food: Chapati
Aspirations: Doctor
Height: 3'9
Weight: 44 lbs

Katulu Musyoka

Age: 12
SchoolMwangya Primary
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Activity: Football
Favorite Food: Chapati
Aspirations: Driver
Height: 4'3
Weight: 55 lbs

Guardian Musyoka, age 57

FG 5 Katulu.jpg
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