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Muema has been part of our LFK family since the beginning. Jemimah met this family while walking through the neighborhood one day and saw an immediate need. Muema is a bright and caring young man. He is very giving and sensitive.

His mother and Guardian is Loise. Years ago, Loise acquired a disease that slowly began taking away the use of her legs and arms. At one point, she was completely immobile. Muema takes care of his mom every day as well as goes to school and keeps up the household. He is an amazing kid! Through LFK donations we were able to bring Loise to a doctor in Kitui town where she was able to receive medicines and physical therapy. Over the past two years she has begun to walk and move again. Each day is a struggle but she is a strong and determined woman.

In their household there are 4 total. Muema, his mom, and his brother and grandmother. They all stay in one structure divided into a sitting area and a sleeping area. They have no physical kitchen and struggle to cook food. One of their biggest needs is building a proper floor for their home, right now it is just dirt flooring which is difficult for Loise.  This is one of the first homes we are hoping to rebuild.

Guardian Loise, age 41

FG 26 Muema 1.jpg
Age: 19
School: Kasue Secondary School
Class: Form 4
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite Activity: Athletics 
Favorite Food: Ugali
Aspirations: Lawyer
Height: 5'1
Weight: 92 lbs

Muema Loise


Income: Rope making
Food Sources: Maize, Beans and Cowpeas
Animals: Some Chickens
Distance from School: 1km
Distance from Water: 1.5km
Distance from Jemimah's: 2.5km
Electricity: No
Lighting Source: One battery and bulb
Transportation: No
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